In today’s world, many individuals and companies need clipping path service. Specially who are involved within photography, designing, advertising and printing industries.

For example, a catalog company usually use hundreds of images in their catalog and they are most likely to remove the background of their product photos before they place them into the layout. Similarly, a web development company needs to publish photos in the website where they need to use clipping path to drop out background.

We are closely working with individual photographers, graphic design houses, catalog company, photo studios, newspaper, web developers, magazine companies, advertising agency, printing press and so on.


People: This is really big for individuals who are always using their images on different backgrounds. Like Models, Performing Artist, Business Men/Women, Politicians, Store Owners, & Photographers (who use digital backgrounds for photos). This is a great service to use if you’ve just finished up a photo shoot and would like to have, not only your newly shot photos on disc, but your newly shot photos with masked out backgrounds on disc for future use. With your photos masked out, it’s easier for the designer who’s using your image to place them where they need you in their design.

Fashion Apparel: Want to get rid of the annoying objects or mannequin and just focus on clothes? Then, make use of our Fashion Apparel image masking services.

Fashion Accessories: These range from handbags to caps and wallets to hats. It really doesn’t matter if it’s being worn by a person or if it’s just on the table. It can be masked in such a way that only the product is visible and other segments are gone.

Fine Jewelry: Often considered to be the most difficult Image Masking product, because of the various designs and loops. Our experts handle these with ease and deliver them like a breeze.

Arts and Crafts: Any decorative item can be masked in such a way that the background is completely eliminated. This enhances the spotlight on the product and nothing else. After all, creative items need that special attention.

Toys and Games: It could be either the kids are playing with the toys or it is an annoying background that you want it to be removed. We offer professional help to remove them thus the focal point remains on the product.

Sports Products: Usually sports products are either on the playground or people using them. When these products are meant to be sold, it would be professional if only the product is focused. Our Image masking service helps to eliminate unwanted people, objects or background.

Electronics: Mobile phones, laptops, mp3 players and all the other gadgets fall into this category, our experts mask them to perfection.

Lighting Products: Want to sell the expensive chandelier but is the background spoiling it? No bother, we eliminate the background and also enhance the image quality of the product.